Solidarity Exports With Greece

SourDuring this summer (from July until September) the campaign of solidarity exports travelled to Berlin, after Belgium and Luxembourg through the cooperation of social organisations and SSE initiatives in Germany and in Greece. The “heart” of the campaign is how an alternative – fair and solidarity trade , without mediators with full access to all information about quality, origin, working conditions, environmental impact of the products is possible
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Grekland Panorama Exhibition

Greenland products is going to be exhibited in Grekland Panorama, an exclusive fair for Greece and Cyprus regarding tourism, gastronomy and culture in Stockholm, Sweden early next February.
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Phenols in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Inhibit Colon Cancer Cell Growth

Research shows that estrogen receptor β has a protective effect on colon cancer and may inhibit proliferation of colon cancer cells. Estrogen receptor β is the main estrogen receptor expressed at a high level by normal human colon mucosa. In a cancerous colon, however, expression of estrogen receptor β decreases and is associated with progression of colorectal cancer.
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