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Phenols in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Inhibit Colon Cancer Cell Growth

Research shows that estrogen receptor β has a protective effect on colon cancer and may inhibit proliferation of colon cancer cells. Estrogen receptor β is the main estrogen receptor expressed at a high level by normal human colon mucosa. In a cancerous colon, however, expression of estrogen receptor β decreases and is associated with progression of colorectal cancer.
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An International Society for Oleocanthal

On May 30-31 on the island of Zakynthos in Greece a group of international olive oil experts from the world of science, academia, gastronomy and media gathered for a conference to establish the non-profit Oleocanthal International Society (OIS). OIS is the brainchild of retired physician Jose Antonio Amerigo from Spain who has dedicated his time to promoting preventative medicine through nutrition as the best way to “cure” disease.
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