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Greenland Official Promo Video

Watch the promo video for Greenland products.
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Can't find a job? These young Greeks trade the big city for life down on the farm

STERNA, Greece — Facing a nearly impossible job search and rising costs in the city, Margianna Xirogianni quit the rat race and moved here, a tiny village 80 miles southwest of Athens. Xirogianni, three of her siblings and other partners set up Green Land, a cooperative farming business that produces and exports extra-virgin olive oil, olive paste and other olive-based products around the world.
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Διαθετουμε τα προϊοντα μας σε 93 σημεια πωλησης σε 5 διαφορετικες χωρες: Ελλαδα, Σουηδια, Γαλλια, Γερμανια, Καναδα.

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