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This particular tree was proclaimed as a “Historic monument of nature” with Decision no. 200995/7950/1979 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Decree no. 121/τ.Δ/1980. All of our trees have originated from this tree and we are constantly increasing their number in the past years, based on the increased demand. The crop of the olive fruits starts towards the end of October and finishes towards the end of November, depending on the climatic conditions.
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Advantages of
Koroneiki / Kalamon varieties

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has anti-inflammatory properties, acting as inhibitor COX-1 and COX-2.
Additionally, it appears to have protective action against Alzheimer’s disease, as well as anticancer properties. Finally, it contributes to the control of skin aging.
is a derivative of oleuropein and it constitutes the most important antioxidant substance of olive oil.
It is one of the best varieties for olive oil production, very productive and resistant to drought. It is sensitive to low temperatures.
from 150 samples nationwide, as well as from samples taken from California, USA, it was concluded that the amount of anti-inflammatory substances contained in the olive oil produced by the “Koroneiki” variety of olives is fairly high and that the amount of these substances in the Municipality of Messini olive oil is higher than the average.
Oleocanthal and Oleacein
With antioxydant action and anticancer properties.
"Koroneiki" variety, as well as the original Kalamata olive, have always been cultivated in our land. These varieties prosper in semi-mountainous, non-irrigated areas and areas where the trees are “aereated”. A research conducted by the research team of the Athens University proved that when olive trees are not irrigated, when they are used to produce olive oil in an early stage and in a biphasic oil mill with cold-press process, higher concentrations are achieved concerning two substances that are extremely beneficial for our health. One of them is oleocanthal, which has potent anti-inflammatory activity, comparable to the activity found in medications and it is the one causing a “burning” sensation of the throat during consumption, indicating, for the empirical growers, that the olive oil is high quality. The second one is oleacein, which is the most potent antioxidant substance of olive oil.
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The climatic conditions and the soil data of our land, combined with the care taken during the cultivation process affects the quality of the olive oil and gives prominence to the unique properties of the olive oil and the Kalamata table olives. The whole Messinia district is a vast olive grove. The small allotment along with the favourable climate, as well as with the huge experience in cultivating olive trees, provides the excellent quality of the raw material. In cooperation with the producers of the area, we cultivate our olive groves with love and care, and we collect the olive fruit at the right degree of maturation, in order to achieve the best possible product quality wise.
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The olive crop season starts mid-November and lasts until mid-January approximately.

The crop of the olive fruit is carried out using modern machines, which are environmentally friendly, and help to avoid “injuring” the tree. The olive fruit is turned into olive oil within 24 hours so that the preservation of all of its beneficial properties is achieved.
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The pressing of the olive fruit is carried out within 24 hours from its crop, in temperatures not higher than 27 degrees, at the biphasic oil mill of the Agricultural Cooperative of Sterna, which is certified by "ΔΗΩ" (the Greek Organisation for the Control and the Certification of Organic Products).

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For this reason, we have chosen and invested on a modern oil mill (centrifugal type), which guarantees the optimal hygiene conditions and has automatisms for continuous and effective temperature control and control of the time needed for the oil extraction.

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“The Kalamata olive remains the leader in the world market for table olives in the past years in terms of quality.”
The Kalamata olive remains the leader in the world market for table olives in the past years in terms of quality. The Kalamata olive (the varieties: Nychati-Kalamon, Aetonycholia, Korakolia, Tsingelolia, Chondrolia, Kalamatiani and Aetonychi) is cultivated mainly in the Districts of Messinia, Lakonia, Fthiotida and Etoloakarnania. The cultivation and the development of this particular variety is closely linked to a tree that is referred to as the mother tree of the Kalamata variety.
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«Just as in the past»

After collecting the Kalamata olives, the sorting process begins. We only choose the healthy, ripe olives and then we score them in order to start the process of removing their bitterness. During the production process, olives never remain submerged in stagnant water, avoiding thus the “tangy” smell and keeping all of the aromas and the taste of the olive fresh.
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The oil mill complies with the regulations set out by the ISO standard 22000:2005. All of the storing tanks are INOX and the pipes used for the conveyance of the olive oil are certified according to the ISO standard.

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