Kalamon Olives
«Like the old times»

Greenland Olives
Greenland Olives

We went back in time and looked for the traditional recipe for the process of preparing authentic Kalamata olives. We produce these authentic Kalamata olives from olives taken from our olive groves. The manufacturing process starts right after the collection of the olive fruit. They are hand picked, one by one, they are scored and then the bitterness is removed by daily changing the water they are kept in, achieving in this way the preservation of the taste, the crunchiness and the freshness of the olive fruit.


Greenland Olives

The uniqueness
is everything

They are made fresh and with love ...

We use regional aromatic plants in order to offer them more flavours and aromas, such as savory, thyme, rosemary and oregano, just like our ancestors did.

They are preserved in a type of marinade, which contains sterile water, salt and natural vinegar. We do not use preservatives, nor colourants. Salt, vinegar and aromatic plants are used in such ratios that the natural aroma and taste of the olive is not lost.

Greenland Olives